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General Terms and Conditions


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Below you will find all relevant legal information for the rental agreement.

  1. The requirements for renting a car with us are a valid driving licence, an identity card or your passport. Payment options: cash, EC, debit- or credit card. In exceptional cases cash deposits are accepted as well.
  2. Day: 24 hours – Week: 7 days – Month: 28 days
  3. You need to be at least 21 years old and must have completed the probation period for renting a car of price category 4. Cars of the price categories 5 and 6 are just rentable to persons with a minimum age of 23 and for price category 7 at least 25 years, otherwise the co-payment needs to be doubled.
  4. Weekend tariffs start on fridays at noon and end mondays at noon.
  5. Apart from the leaseholder just persons mentioned in the rental agreement as well are allowed to use the rented car.
  6. Due to the insurance coverage any extension of the period of tenancy needs to be announced in advance and in written form.
  7. This section refers to the co-payment – Pls contact us for more information
  8. This section refers to the pricing – pls contact us for more information or check out the relevant price categories.
  9. For special insurance coverages we can make you a special offering – pls contact us for more information.
  10. In case of long-time renatls/unlimited kilometers you as our client are obliged to bring us the car back should there be any need for technical service checks.
  11. Weekend as well as monthly tariffs are just valid if covered in the rental agreement. After the contract conclusion those tariffs cannot be applied.
  12. In case of any accidents with our cars you need to contact the police and inform us as soon as possible. If not, we might charge the leaseholder the full damage costs.
  13. If you would like the rented car to be used by two different persons, it must be mentioned in the rental agreement. Therefore we would charge you a one-time fee of EUR 5.
  14. Please be aware that the car needs to be cleaned when bringing it back to us.
  15. When you want to cancel a fixed car reservation, please be aware that we will charge you 50% of the agreed price for the reserved car.
  16. Any kind of participation in races with our cars are prohibited. Pls contact us, if you need further clarification
  17. Any willful damages must be fully paid by the leaseholder.
  18. Cars need to be brought back at 5pm of the respective day otherwise the billing will take place for the day after.
  19. This section refers to agreements for using the car abroad. Pls contact us for further information.
  20. As a leaseholder you are obliged to stick to local as well as international traffic rules. Pls contact us for further information.

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